Types of Knives and Their Uses

A knife is a type of tool that has many uses. You can use a knife for a wide array of purposes including cooking and dressing poultry. We are going to talk a little bit about different kinds of knives and their many uses. So read on to find out more about this interesting topic right away.

A knife can also be used as a weapon. For instance, the ballistic knife uses a detachable gas-propelled blade. This blade can be fired right to a distance of many feet just by pressing a switch or trigger on its handle. The bayonet is another type of knife that can be attached to a rifle`s muzzle right away. The butterfly knife has its blade concealed within a handle`s grooves. The combat knife has been designed to be used by any soldier in the field. This type of knife can also be used as any general-used took, but it has been created mostly for fighting. The fighting knife has been designed to impose a lethal injury on anyone`s body at a strong range.
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What Is A Bowie Knife?

Knives have played a role in human affairs for millennia, dating all the way back to the Stone Age and before. Throughout its long history, the knife has gone through repeated evolutions and refinements, becoming more and more an ideal tool. Today, you’ll find knives specifically designed for many different tasks, from the humble butter knife to modern military knives such as those used by the Navy Seals. However, in all of history, few knives have attained the fame (or infamy) as the Bowie knife. What is a Bowie knife?

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